Looking forward to a fantastic long weekend. Decided to take a few days off and check in, chill out and maybe even get a bit of rehearsal in too! Can't wait to get back on the stage with Jezebel Steele on the 3rd June at Sparkle. You've got to come, it's going to be brilliant - Jonny Gash, Lethal Gem, Lou Lou L'amour... And only £5.00! Get down to Eden on the night!
Wowsa, two gigs booked in one week! Exciting times! Not to mention drag night at VIA. Must congratulate Draglife on a fantastic performance on Sunday night! Thank you for the tribute, it was much appreciated! We also popped down to The Brit in Rochdale last Friday to watch my mentor and father figure Valentino King... Can you believe he got me up on stage?! No? Well luckily my fab manager was quick on the draw and managed to grab her iPhone to get a cracking bit of video! Take a look on my videos page!
Wow, been a long time! I've been out of action - old war injury playing up, you know how it is. But thanks to rest, recuperation and the love of a good woman I am back in business! I'll be back up on that stage sooner than you think!